Monday, September 23, 2013

RANT # 547

 you see
now that Pandora's box
has been unlocked
and she has flipped her lid
all the little nasties who've been unleashed
can never be corralled again 
and they will do their dirty work
over and over and over again

All the wailing and gnashing of teeth
or passing some legislation
that  has none
will solve nothing
cuz you can't take away our toys now
and some 
will always choose
not to play nice

An AK-47 

IS a weapon of mass destruction
but you were too busy
screwing around 
and searching for them 
in some other land
to take notice

what to say
what to say
it's just the price you pay

Go ahead and say

it's not the weapon
it's the madman
but how many drive-by knifings
do you think would occur
if that was all that the loonies
had at their disposal?

Don't even go there
that's a vision of utopia
and what we have is dystopia
(and a touch of dyspepsia)
and it's 
going to go away

As the lame

try to placate both sides
and the bodies pile up
inside the school
or at the mall
we will learn to live with it
learn to adapt
just be sure to kiss
your kids
and tell them you love  them
when you send them off in the morning

Technology will always be

that double-edged sword

Live by it

die by it

Monday, September 16, 2013


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads--d'Verse Poets Pub

We held out such hope for the man
in the beginning
but he has fallen under the spell
like all the others

We need to kill you
to save you

Doesn't get the crucial  point
that yeah 
it might be better to die
instantaneously from a missile strike
than the horrific effects of gas
but in the end you have still annihilated them
the innocents
who happened to be in harm's way
no different 
or better
in the long run
than the other side

We held out such hope for the man
but power corrupts
and it's no more than a global
chess game
to any of them

Taking out Osama
was meaningless
'cause you can't kill an ideal
all it does is create
another martyr
(but it looks so good on the resume)

It goes on
and on
and on
for those who have come
under its spell

The sandbox bully
grows up to play
in a bigger arena
and his victim vows
to get even one day

I held out such hope for the man
but all you have to do
is look into his eyes
so plain to see
that he's just like all the rest
who gaze at the world 
through the murky veil 
of maya 

Monday, September 9, 2013


In a campground
somewhere in Utah
(memory fades)
setting up my tent
some older folks
occupying the adjacent space
with a big  RV
looked like a couple 
of married couples
and "Mother"
likely in her eighties
along for the ride
sitting around
boozin' it up and
havin' a high old time
convivial conversation
and laughing
so much laughing
ringing through the pines

Their own private

And I thought good for them
they're happy, man
while simultaneously remembering
some statistic about alcohol abuse
being rampant among the senior population
and I thought
who has a better reason
ya know
don't need to explain that
don't need to explain it at all
suffice it to say
that for a few hours
maybe they were able to forget
or even forgive

Watching the cold stars emerge
it was time to turn in

Then sometime during the night
must have been about 2 a.m.
there was a commotion
over in the RV
and someone said
"Mother fell"
and disoriented voices repeated it

Mother fell

Prolly trying to make her way to the head 
in the dark
but you could tell it wasn't good

And then the ambulance was on its way
to come and collect her
their idyllic forest getaway
soon to be a rude awakening
of glaring emergency room lights
that nice rosy glow
of a few hours back
now faded
like a long ago dream
of happily ever after

Monday, September 2, 2013


Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads--d'Verse Poets Pub


I see...

a home
where the buffalo roam
no more

I see...

a land stained
by the blood
of conquest

I see...

a gypsy palm reader
spitting on your hand--
you spit in her face

I see...

you at the theatre
with your head buried
in your iPhone
for most of the movie
but anyone can see
it's really up your butt

I see...

you incurring substantial debt
for the purchase of material items
that the recipient will neither welcome
nor appreciate
and that is called The Holidays

I see...

You being trampled to death
at a large department store
on Black Friday


Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...
I wore white after Labor Day
it was kind of an off-white
so I thought it might be alright
no one in my ghetto
seemed to care

Such pretense
when our prehensile tails
are not that far removed

don't look back

And now Ladies and gentlewomen
here to sing a medley of his most DEPRESSING hits,
the ever maudlin... JOSH GROBAN!

(song playing)

Announcer: We interrupt this song to bring you a news flash...a young woman, listening to our station, has just jumped off her 16th story balcony!

happy happy
sad sad
the world is bi-polar

(That's north and south, for you geography majors!)

hum dee dum
ya lousy bum

1st man: Hello, my name is Fu Chow.
2nd man: Pleased to meet you. My name is Egg Foo Yong.
1st man: Yes, I have heard of you...people say that you are a good Egg.

And now, the new craze that's sweeping the nation...SAINT VITUS DANCE!

Round and around
and around and around
and around we go

Take your anti-depressants,
but don't forget the increased
risk of suicide...

but hasn't anyone noticed
that's the exact OPPOSITE
of the intended effect?

Looking for the quick fix
has put us in quite a fix

(Spit on the drug addict
while deluding yourself
that your chain smoking
isn't the exact same thing)

You're listening to Radio KSUK...all Josh Groban--ALL the time...that's right, America, we're JOSHING you 24 hours a day!

(song playing)

We interrupt this song to bring you a special news basketball players were charged with killing any hookers today...

And you wonder why
you have A.D.D.
when there's a commercial


every five minutes

Capitalism could have worked
were it not for the
built into the human psyche

So go ahead and anoint
your sports teams
as WORLD champions
when no outside teams participated...

You will always be the Earth
that the sun revolves around
until it draws close enough
to consume you in its fire