Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I'd like to be mysterious
like some I see who never
respond to comments
but just let you wonder who they are
behind the brilliance of their pen
and though my heart is not exactly splayed
upon my sleeve
it's still up there somewhere
waiting to be played

I'd like to lead a hard life
in the Appalachians
and see what kind of verse would
well up from my underground
all blackened and irredeemable
like a coal miner's fingers

I'd like to freeze my ass off
on the ski slopes
somewhere in the Rockies
and then warm it next to the fire
in the lodge with the sound of
tinkling glasses and laughter

Someone said that a poet
is a whole world
inside of one person
choose your words
and your worlds carefully

But then there is me

I'd like to be the proverbial
traveling salesman making hay
with the farmer's daughter

And I can hear you say
I KNEW something like that
was going to come out of you

That's exactly what she said too

Monday, December 7, 2015



Here's the deal
either everything is aware
or nothing is 

Besides me that is

Oh, that's solipsistic...

but not totally
cuz I'll acknowledge you
and only you
as I know you are reading these words
(and that makes me psychic)
and it makes us intimately connected

So I just wanna know...

how come you never call??? 


I noticed an author advertising her book

as being a "clean romance"
I guess that's one where
nobody gets into anybody's pants
a kind of never ending dance
where everybody goes back home
and takes a cold shower

But real life is dirty

so very down and dirty
and I don't mind you dirty little girls
and boys
as long as you quit
making so damn much noise


It's really quite simple

though the philosophers have tried
to make it mysterious

Either you go on

(the part of you that is aware)
or you don't
and therefore no one should be afraid
of non-existence
if it really existed that is
the complete cessation of all



would really be quite good

but sorry to inform you
that for that to ever be
then the opposite (you and me)
would have to never have been
don't you see
and it's a bit late for that

The cat

is out of the bag
for ever 
and ever 
and ever
and he's shitting
all over the carpet
as we speak
the sound of the universe
misinterpreted for lo these many eons

It isn't OMMMMM

my friend...
just a cosmic